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bespoke joinery business Brentwood Shenfield

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Britain's favourite window


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 The sash window

  • The sash window is a sliding window which can move either horizontally or vertically depending on the type.
  • Robert Hooke is often credited with the invention of the vertical sash window, but most likely, it developed from what is known as the ‘Yorkshire sash' which is a simpler, horizontally sliding sash.
  • In 17th century England, sash windows became hugely popular and were the window of choice for new buildings. During that time, they were spread throughout England's colonies as well.
  • Our original, non-rattle timber sash windows are durable and can be double glazed and fully draught proofed.

Our Sash Windows 

  Why sash windows?

  • They are adjustable to many different opening configurations and provide superb ventilation due to the ability to open up gaps at the top and bottom, allowing lower, cooler air to enter and warmer air to rise and exit.     
  • Rather than being supported from one side, sash windows are supported from their top corners meaning they will be less likely to bend and distort under their own weight. Less bending and distortion means a longer usable life and less time spent on maintenance.     
  • Being suspended by their top corners, sash windows can be more delicately designed using thinner wooden sections, allowing more design options. Thinner support sections also mean more light.





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