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bespoke joinery business Brentwood Shenfield

Let the light in with our ever-popular sash windows


Sash Windows


Bespoke windows in Brentwood and Shenfield



Crafting bespoke windows for homes in Essex since 1979

Nice windows can add great value to a property. They increase the feeling of space, introduce natural light to living areas and provide ventilation when necessary, but on top of that, well selected windows add a touch of class and beauty to your home. Each client has a different set of wants and needs, thus we believe there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. We approach every client and every home with bespoke solutions appropriate to their circumstances.



Window styles we offer

five sash windows installed by brentwood joinery

Sash windows  

Sash windows are a great addition to your home. We offer both box and sliding sash windows. Opened slightly at the top and bottom, ventilation of the room is increased by bringing in fresh air at the bottom and expelling moist, used air at the top. Learn more about our sash windows


newly installed casement windows from inside

Casement windows

Wooden casement windows have evolved from years gone by when sandstone was used to form the mullions and transoms, and steel was used inside to create openers where necessary. Flush fit and storm-proof casement windows are now widely used in homes. A full variety of design can be achieved by adding Georgian bars, leaded lights and coloured glass.

Ironmongery requirements can be courtesy of



New Georgian windows refurbished by Brentwood Joinery

Georgian windows

Georgian windows are a classic window style and hold everlasting appeal. They can add great charm to homes both traditional and modern when used correctly. The Georgian bars can be arranged on the windows in many different patterns for a personalised look. Double glazed with Slim elegant glazing bars is the way forward. Wider glazing bars can also be produced where required.


Bay Window installed by Brentwood Joinery

Bay windows

These windows are a beautiful addition to any property. Bay windows extend outward from an exterior wall, adding extra space, light, and beauty to your home. These are often quite decorative features, but the finished product is stunning. 



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Benefits of double glazed windows



Protects against nature’s extremes

Double glazed windows are two panes of glass with a vacuum or gas filled space in between. This prevents excessive energy transfer one way or the other. In the winter, more warmth from the sun is trapped inside the home and less heat is released, keeping the home warmer. Conversely, in the summer months, heat transfer from outside is reduced, keeping the home cooler.



Reduces condensation and noise transfer

Condensation can lead to mould and mildew which can damage timber windows or door frames if left unchecked. Double glazing greatly reduces and in some cases, prevents excessive condensation. As well, noise from outside the home is greatly diminished thanks to the vacuum between the two glass panes absorbing and insulating against the transmission of sound waves.


Saves you money and helps the environment

Due to a reduced reliance on heating or cooling systems, your energy consumption will drop which saves on your power bills and helps the environment.



Increases resale value

Double glazing provides so many benefits that it can make older properties just as desirable as newer ones. Prospective purchasers concerned with insulation and energy efficiency would not be let down with properly fitted and installed double glazed wood windows or doors. 


Increases security

Double glazed glass windows are more difficult to break into, especially with toughened or laminated glass. This discourages potential intruders leading to greater peace of mind for you.